Te Ahi Kā -Relight Your Fire


~ 20th-23rd September 2019 ~ 

Don't Miss Out - Only 12 6 Spots Available!


We're excited to announce this year's Te Ahi Kā- Relight Your Fire Nature Retreat, the first ever Get It Done Mum multi-day nature retreat experience! 

We've led similar adventures many times in our lives as outdoor adventure and leadership facilitators pre-kids and we've been cooking up this retreat idea for years. 

Now our tamariki are a little older, we are finally ready & waiting to give YOU an amazing experience!

This retreat is a step up from anything we have offered before, a whole new level of connection, fun, nurture and getting out of your comfort zone. 

It's about taking leadership of your life and business, drawing on the strength you have within to motivate and inspire you.

You will leave the weekend confident that you are good enough, smart enough and skilled enough to create an amazing business and life for your family (because you are 😉). 

This is not a quick-fix event, it's a lighting of a fire. A transformative weekend that gives you the determination, persistence and belief to keep going, bit-by-bit, until you get there.  

Most importantly, everything we do at the retreat will be done with heart and self-care at the core. 

We'll be celebrating and nurturing you and all you are achieving, everyday, because you are amazing and you deserve it 💕💕💕

Ngā mihi nui 


Escape Into The Outdoors to Refuel & Reconnect 

Feed Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Grow In Confidence, Laugh & Be Inspired! 


ALL INCLUSIVE three night stay at Thrive Adventure Centre in the heart of the beautiful Wairarapa Valley, alongside the sparkling Waiohine River. The perfect place to unwind and relax. 

TRANSFORMATIVE GROUP COACHING & BUSINESS BRAINSTORMING with a focus on your inner game including mindset, mindfulness, self-confidence and taking leadership of your life and business. 

MYSTERY ADVENTURES We'll be heading out on exciting mystery adventures each day to get you into nature and out of your comfort zone ~ in a nurturing, supportive way. We can guarantee a new experience or two to keep you on your toes!

LOCAL STORIES & HISTORY The Wairarapa region and the local area where we'll be hosting the retreat are in the rohe of Ngāti Kahungunu ki Wairarapa and Rangitāne ki Wairarapa. We have a rich local history and storytelling tradition that we'll be honouring throughout the retreat. 

DELICIOUS, NURTURING VEGETARIAN FOOD prepared for you by the amazing team at LiveYogaLoveFood (all meals and snacks included). 

PRIVATE YOGA AND MEDITATION INSTRUCTION for the ultimate restorative experience.  

FOCUSED PRIVATE 1:1 COACHING SESSION after the retreat (only for those who choose the pay-in-full option)

~ Get A Sneak Peek of the  Welcome Pack & Event Flow  ~


Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I expect from this retreat?

You can expect to walk into one of the most memorable weekends you've had! This retreat is an all inclusive experience that you will share with a small group of women who are ready to go to that next level in their lives and businesses. You can expect to make new friendships, uncover new insights about yourself that you've never accessed before, adopt a new positive mindset, and learn skills, strategies, and tips to take home with you for life. 

How long is the retreat and when exactly is it?

Attendees will arrive at the retreat centre on Friday 20th September, around 6 pm (the train leaves Wellington at 4:30 pm, with complimentary pick up from Matarawa train station at 5.45 pm). The retreat will go on for 3 nights and includes a complimentary shuttle back to Matarawa train station for the return journey to Wellington, arriving back in the captital at 5:18 pm on Monday evening. 

Is airfare included?

Attendees are expected to arrange their own airfare and transport to and from Wellington Airport and on to Matarawa train stop on the Wellington/Wairarapa line.

However, this is the ONLY component of the retreat that the attendee is responsible for, everything else is provided on retreat.  

A complimentary shuttle will be waiting for you at Matarawa.

I'm not a Mum, can I still come along?

 Yes, absolutely! While we tailor our programmes and retreats specifically to meet the needs of Mums, we often find our values and approach to business resonate strongly with women who aren't Mums too. If this is you, then please reach out if you have questions or would like to know more about the retreat ....you are most welcome.  

What is the sleeping arrangement at the retreat? Will I have to share a room?

 Yes, rooms will be shared and great friendships will be formed! We do have ONE Queen suite available (with ensuite) so if you'd really love the luxury of a room to yourself, act fast to grab it.  

 The retreat centre has four spacious double bedrooms (one queen and 3 twin-share), three of which have private ensuites. The three upstairs bedrooms open onto a wonderful, secluded balcony, perfect for brunching or sunset dining. 

There are two comfortable 8-bed bunkrooms available, with their own separate bathroom and shower facilities. We have chosen to limit each bunk room to 3-4 people so each attendee has a bunk of their own and more individual space. 

There's a large indoor living space and plenty of beautiful outdoor space to relax in, including a wonderful fire pit overlooking the Waiohine river. 

I'm a bit nervous about the Mystery Activities can you tell me more?

Adding an element of surprise to our weekend together adds to the excitement and anticipation. However, we understand that 'not knowing' what these activities are might bring up fears or anxiety. Perhaps you think you are 'no good' at physical sports or outdoorsy stuff, or you are worried about your level of fitness, for example. 

Let us assure you, we have got your back on this! 

J9 and Jo are highly experienced adventure-based learning facilitators and will support you to challenge yourself at a level that feels right for you. 

You don't need to be super-fit or athletic to participate in any of the Mystery Activities on offer at the retreat, and nothing is compulsory. 

A moderate level of walking fitness would be the only requirement and there's plenty of time to obtain that before you arrive on retreat! 

What is the cancellation/refund policy?

Due to the nature of this event, all sales are final. Please double (triple) check that you are able to attend the retreat before purchasing your spot to avoid any issues.  

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! When we open up the retreat spots you will see the payment plan offer on the bottom of the page with the other enrollment links. 

Please keep in mind that in order to qualify for the payment plan, first payment must go through before July 31st, 2019. Other payment options can be discussed with Team Get It Done Mum after that date. 

Is there a benefit to paying in full?

Yes! Everyone who pays in full up front will receive one 1:1 private coaching session with Janine or Jo after the retreat as a follow up (the session will be delivered online via zoom).  

How many spots are there for the retreat?

14 spots. Once the 14 are filled, no more spots will be sold.  

Will we have free time during the retreat?  

We have a busy, exiting three days planned but down-time and rest is an important part of the itinerary! We have yoga and restorative relaxation sessions availiable, as well as chilled out periods for reflecting and journalising. 

We will also practice 'The Law of Two Feet' throughout the retreat, a guiding principle which encourages you to pay attention to your own energy and attention, and to act on it. If you need a break or some alone-time, you take it. This weekend is about you - and you are in charge! 

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Payment plans available on request. Email hello@getitdonemum.com for more info.

Don't Miss Out - Only 12 6 Spots Available!

By attending the retreat, and making your booking, you agree to our Standard Terms & Conditions