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  •  Friendship and self-care  
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"I'm loving this course already. The support I've felt from my fellow students and both Jo & J9 has been phenomenal! I'm only on day two of the next 12 month adventure and I already feel like I'm making serious progress and gaining traction!  

These ladies seriously under promise and over deliver!"  

Beth Harrogate, Discover Your Chakras

"Biz School has changed my life! It's given me direction, focus and accountability! J9 and Jo are amazing and provide such a supporting environment while countering your fears and challenging them int a mad drive to succeed!"

Abby Linn, Creative Coping

"#thankyou I just wanted to share how grateful I am to be part of this group. For the support I personally get and get to give. For the friendships I've gained, for the support from other Mums wanting to do more while being Mums and not feeling like we're less for it. 

However much you participate or are silent, I wanted to thank YOU fo being a part of this loving community and hope you're able to glean from it as much as you need.  

Thank YOU Janine Ogg & Jo Foster LEGENDS!!!"

Kirstyn Campbell, KC Fit 

 Seeking support and guidance to get to the next level? 

Hey Mama!

We think you are amazing for giving this business start-up a go and we believe 100% that you can do it. But we get that it can be hard.  

You start off feeling fired up, full of energy and ideas, but you quickly realise you have little or no experience running a business (or in online marketing) and you're really struggling to know where to focus first, or how to start your business in a way that will get results for you and your family.  

This can really knock your confidence and cause doubts to start settling my idea going to work? Is it good enough? Or worse... am I good enough? Do I really have what it takes to make a business work?

Without a solution, the inspiration and excitement you felt at the beginning quickly turns to self-doubt and uncertainty about where to focus next. Alongside the demands of growing a healthy family, it can get bloody tiring!  

 It's time to focus your precious time and energy in the right place... and watch your business GROW! 

We've helped hundreds of Mums bring clarity and focus to their business and now we'd love to help YOU take your business or idea from an expensive hobby with little financial reward, to thriving, healthy business that generates real income for you and your family. 

Highly motivated to take action on your business but can't afford to invest in higher level coaching? 

...then Get It Done Mum Business School is made with love by us, for you!

  Biz School is simple, affordable and most importantly, it will get you RESULTS!

With our support and step-by-step training you will...

Create a clear strategy for success so you know exactly where to focus next. And not just any strategy! A clear action plan that incorporates all the things most important to you AND keeps it real when it comes to balancing your need to make money with the demands of business and family life. 

Get access to an entire year's worth of coaching advice and motivation to keep you going when you feel tempted to give up OR you are proscrastinating OR you are working on something easier because it's what you enjoy... when really, deep down, you know you need to work on that hard stuff you've been avoiding, because that is what will really make the difference

Stop worrying about wasting time and money on marketing that doesn't work and stresses you out and instead, discover a simpler, proven way to to get your name out there and attract clients (a way that makes such good sense, you'll be kicking yourself you hadn't figured it out earlier!)

Feel confident enough to stop hiding and start putting yourself and your idea out there - not only for the purpose of attracting prospective clients, but to show your partner, family and yourself that this isn't just a hobby, but a real business that is going to work! 

Surround yourself with a motivated group of wonderful Mums who are all working towards a similar purpose and goal, and who will cheer you on and support you through the highs and lows of being in business. 

This is the training and support we wish we'd had when we were starting out.

"#celebrateawin I just looked back at my Income Generation Milestone and Audience Building Milestone I set when I did my success strategy about 7 months ago... and I easily hit both of them!! Woo hoo! Thanks Janine and Jo!

Alana Steyn (MUD MATES) 

"Thanks so much! I'm really psyched about running my training programme for new freelancers in September & I can see a clearer reason for it now, not just because 'I can'. If the other modules are even close to being as helpful as this one, there'll be no stopping me!"


"A quick thank-you to Jo Foster and Janine Ogg. When I made the decision to invest in Business School a few months ago, I was 100% motivated and excited about my business but 100% unsure and insecure about everything else.  

Now a few months down the line I have a clear path in front of me and I feel sure and secure in where I am heading. I have a strategy in place, sales and marketing knowledge, the support & value of Jo and Janine as well as the support and constant value from the awesome ladies in the closed Facebook group. 

I can honestly say that this course and the many layers that go with it has been one of my best investments to date, and I'm not even 1/2 way through the course".  

Laurel Makowem (Mothers Teaching Money) 

♥️ Biz School Love ♥️️ 

Side-Step the Traps Most Mums Fall Into When Starting Out

  Implement the STEP-BY-STEP system we teach our Mums and avoid falling into the same old traps (honestly, this drives us nuts!) 

We get that you already have plenty on your plate, so we take a "less is more" approach in Biz School. 

* Each element of the course has been carefully curated - only the most relevant content makes the cut.

* The most crucial teachings and actions are compulsary- you have to complete them before you can move on to the next step.This keeps you accountable and focused on what's most important.

* We've included high value optional extras - but if you've already got them covered, you can bypass them and move on to the next step. 

* Every Mum is different, so the programme is flexible - you can work through it at your own pace, from anywhere, at anytime, and from any of your devices!

Three Steps to a Thriving Life and Business 


The first step to building a thriving business is to get a plan in place - a plan that you can feel proud of and that you believe in!

Here's what we cover:

01 Purpose And Vision - You'll look at what is most important to you, what drives you at a deeper level, and we guide you through creating an inspired vision for your life and business so you can be confident your business is taking you somewhere GREAT. Then in the next 4 modules, we support you to craft a strategy that will get you there!
02 Marketing 101 - How To Become A Client Magnet - You'll love 'sales' after this module and feel great about marketing too. This module cuts through the overwhelm of information and gets to the nitty gritty of what's most important when it comes to attracting and converting clients.
03 How To Choose A SMART Business Model and Leverage Your Time Brilliantly - This module teaches you how to select the one or two key products and services that are going to deliver the best results for your clients, work to your strenghts, AND get you the most income for your time investment.
04 Wonder Woman Back Off! - If you're serious about bringing your purpose and vision to life, you CAN'T do it all alone. In this module we show you how to plan to get help from the outset (even when money is tightt) and how to choose the option for support that is going to have the biggest impact on your results.
05 Your Action Plan - This final module pulls all your work together into a simple, smart strategy for your business. You'll set two key targets and have a clear plan for hitting them. This sets you up for long term success and helps you stay on track throughout our year together, and beyond!


We support you through audience building step by step, until you hit your first 100, then 200, then 1000 engaged email subscribers and beyond! And not just any kind of email subscribers - highly engaged fans who love what you do are are likely to convert to paying customers in the future.

Here's what's included:

01 Audience Building MasterClass - This overview of Audience Building will quickly get you on track with your list-building strategy - you'll come away knowing what you need to do to automate the growth of your email list at low-cost and feel like that confusing marketing fog in your head has finally cleared!
02 QuickStart Videos and Guides - Once you have your plan in place, it's time to take action with our quickstart videos and guides. These take you step by step through the set up of your list building systems, including which email auto-responder to choose, the set up of landing pages and opt-in boxes, and how to write a great email follow up sequence.
03 LeadMagnet Brainstorms -We support you to craft your first irresistible lead magnet, including brainstorming your content, title and copy until you have a free resource that your ideal subscriber just won't be able to say no to!
04 Lead Magnet Promotion - it's no good having an amazing LM if no one gets to see it. In this next stage of the programme, we step you through the implementation of your low-cost strategies for getting your LM out there, including Facebook Ads, marketing alliances, giveaways and how to craft a high converting landing page.
05 Once you have email subscibers, what do you do with them? We've got this covered too. We'll show you how to stay in touch with your email list and nurture your relationship with them, so that when the timing is right, they are ready to make the decision to invest in your product or service.


Now that you have a tribe of loyal email subscribers to test your ideas with, it's time to co-create your first highly popular product or service and bring some money into this business of yours (wahoo!). If you already have existing products or services, your focus will be working with your tribe to get your offer and sales copy right, so those sales start rolling in the door more consistently.

Here's what we cover:

01 Your Sweet Spot - that place where your passion & strengths meet up with a real pain or need that your ideal client is willing to pay for. We'll show you how to find it!
02 Your Sales Funnel - Create a sales funnel that nurtures your ideal client through a simple, but effective process that nurtures your relationship and makes it easier for them to make the decision to buy.
03 The 'Soft Launch' - We show you what it is, and how you can use it to test and improve your ideas until you get your product or service right - so that you know that when are ready to invest in a wider launch, you are going to get the income return.
04 High converting copy writing - the in's and out's of writing email sequences, sales page copy, and Facebook posts/ads that sell, so you don't feel like you are begging for customers anymore!
05 Websites That Convert - the key elements you need in place to make sure that you are driving traffic to your website, and that when they get there they can't help take the next step with you.


Jump on our risk-free 14 day trial and get full access to:  

The Entire Get It Done Mum Business School Training Course: Including priority access to our online membership site with step-by-step instructions for working through the three phases of the programme: Nailing Your Strategy, Building Your Audience and Converting to Paying Customers. Includes downloadable videos, checklists, cheatsheets, challenges, rewards-based learning and much much more! Value - $1,997

Instant Access to our Members-Only Facebook Club: Kiss goodbye to flying solo and gain unlimited insight, inspiration and feedback from your two coaches, as well as a friendly and approachable group of like-minded Mama business owners. Our community is thriving and gets fantastic feedback - don't underestimate the impact this group support will have on your progress! Value - $997 

Live Coaching and Q&A Every Month - Connect regularly with Janine and Jo and get your questions answered live. The value of this kind of 121, specific feedback is priceless and will accelerate your results massively (and yes, replays are always made available). Value - $997

When you add up the materials included in the training course, the live coaching calls and the facebook group support, that’s an entire year of training and coaching support adding up to just under $4 000. And that’s not even counting the unannounced bonuses and other goodies we like to throw in along the way…  

But we want you to be sure that our Business School is right for you. 

That's why we're offering a $1, no-risk trial. 

If you decide to stick around after that, it's a commitment of $127/month for 12 months.

We ask for a 12 month commitment because we have learnt through experience that longer-term support gets the best results for our clients. We'll be there beside you through-out the ups and downs of an entire year!  

♥️ More Biz School Love ♥️️ 

Discover low-cost marketing strategies that feel authentic and 'in your flow'  

Lack of confidence around marketing has to be the #1 factor holding back the majority of Mums we work with. 

That's why we teach you how to select the one or two most effective marketing tools that will grow your audience and attract new leads, at low-cost and in a way that you enjoy.  

But of course when you dig a little deeper, you discover that it's not just strategy that is holding you back from better marketing results, it's fear too. Fear that you are not good enough, fear that you will fail, fear that people will laugh at your ideas and dreams. 

That's why mindset is so important, and why we challenge you during the programme to re-frame how you feel and think about who you are as a 'marketer'.  

There is still a way for you to make this amazing idea of yours work - and you don't have to do it alone.

As soon as you hit the buy now button, you'll get instant access to the Business Schol membership site as well as the members only club on Facebook. You will no longer be alone on this journey and you can start connecting with with our highly motivated community of Mamas right away!

Sitting on the fence?

If your gut is telling you to go for it but you're worried about taking the leap, or perhaps other online trainings or coaches have left you skeptical, then check out our money-back guarantee.  

If you give the course 100% in the first month, complete the course work, attend your first live coaching call but still don't feel you are receiving value for money, we'll offer you a full refund within 30 days of purchase. 

Why wouldn't you jump in now?

"Before working with Jo and J9 I was working 60 hour weeks, not exercising, overwhelmed with juggling motherhood and work and struggling with getting direction for my business. As a result of their strategic support, I now work about 35 hours a week, go running 3-4 times a week, outsource a large chunk of work to someone else and have many more subscriptions in place to make my life easier. I now have pricing packages in place and I give my clients much better direction on what they need. I’ve also learnt a lot about sales funnels and processes as well as thinking outside the box for other income streams. I think it’s foolish to think you can start and run a business without some external support and it’s great to be part of a community. I’m in a few business groups on Facebook and the GIDM groups are by far my favourite."


But I've invested in other courses and ended up feeling even more overwhelmed!

We hear you. There are lots of coaches and marketing experts out there offering courses that are PACKED with amazing content. While this can seem great at first, we have noticed that for lots of Mum's it simply leads to information overload and that "where do I start?" feeling.

At best, you make one or two small changes. At worse you end up feeling overwhelmed and frustrated, or you completely forget what you've learnt and go back to business as usual feeling like you've wasted your time and money. 

This course is different. 

We support you through it ONE STEP AT A TIME. You must complete the three phases of the programme in order, before you move on to the next part. This means that you WILL create your strategy in the first phase of the course, before you can move on to the next phase and start building your audience. Once you have everything in place to start building your audience, THEN you move into the final phase and activate your strategies for converting your new audience into paying customers.  

If you get stuck in one part, you can't simply skip ahead to the easier stuff. 

Instead, we support you to breakthrough and resolve whatever it is that is stopping you from moving forward, with much less stress than if you were doing it on your own. 

In fact it's not only less stressful, it can even be fun!

Meet Your Coaches

We're Janine Ogg and Jo Foster, the co-founders of Get It Done Mum Business School. We're kind of like a 2 for 1 deal, delivering twice the bang for your coaching buck! 

J9's strength is in strategy - she'll quickly spot where you are going wrong and get you back on track. She's also a creative, big-picture thinker who will help you innovate and think outside the square about how to build a smart business in part-time hours.  

Jo, on the other hand, is all about implementation. With a head for systems, process, and generally making shi*t happen, Jo is your woman when it comes to following through and taking action on what you learn during the programme and on the live coaching calls. She's also our resident ‘zen’ expert, ensuring you stay present and focused on your own health & well-being, and that all-important quality time for yourself and your family.

Over the past 6 years, Janine and Jo have hosted countless training webinars, launched a successful ecourse, supported Mastermind and VIP clients to grow their businesses, and interviewed over 50 leading experts on their popular business podcast while also hitting no. 1 in Itunes New and Noteworthy's business category - all so that they can pass on what they've learnt to Mums like you, who are ready to take action on their businesses. 

Questions Mums Ask Us All The Time (and our replies)...

A. For just $127/month (about the same as a daily coffee habit) you can access a year's worth of high quality training and coaching support. If you are stuck, then we believe that this programme is not only the best, but the most affordable option out there for you. You CAN find the money to invest somewhere if you are truly motivated to start making changes. Perhaps the question you should really be asking yourself is "do I think I am worth it?" And of course the answer is YES!

A. You can complete the course at your own pace, though we will be checking in regularly to make sure you don't lose momentum! The first phase is the most intensive & we recommend you set aside 2-4 hours for each of the 5 Strategy Modules, but it's really up to YOU how quickly you progress through the 3 phases & start seeing results. There is a live coaching call once a month you will also need to set time aside for, as well as the occasional bonus call or guest expert.

A. This programme is for you if you are a motivated Mum in the early stages of a product or service-based business who is committed to taking action on what we teach. You might be a complete newbie seeking guidance on getting started, or you may have been working on your business for a while but feeling stuck and unsure where to go next. If this sounds like you, then join us!

A. Yes but in an inspirational kind of way. We all know that it takes hard work to achieve something really meaningful. We'll be spending an entire year working together and at times the work may be challenging, thought-provoking or have you scratching your head. But you will overcome it and make progress, and we will be there to support you along the way, along with all the other Mums on the journey with you.

A. Yes, if you follow through on your commitment to the work and the exercises we lay out for you, you are going to make great strides in your business. If you have very little time or money, then your audience building may take longer, so you must practice patience & determination! If you have the resources to invest in tools like Facebook Ads, then you are likely to progress faster.

A. The entire training course is waiting for you and ready to go as soon as you hit the 'buy now' button, but we do have live coaching calls once a month too. It's always best if you can make these live, but the replays are always made available. You can also send in your questions before-hand and we'll do our utmost to get to them on the live call (or in the Facebook group afterwards). Easy!

“If you always try to be normal, you’ll never know how amazing you could be” Maya Angelou

Still sitting on the fence?

We know that it can be really tough to take the decision to invest in a course like this when money is tight and you're already pushed for time (the first THREE times we invested in courses for our own business it took our bank balance back to zero!). We get it. 

The question to ask yourself at this point is: "where will my business be in 12 months time if I DON'T take this opportunity?" - and perhaps more importantly, "where will my family and I be?". 

After helping hundreds of Mums in business transform their businesses, we've learnt that unless you get a simple success strategy in place that takes into account not only your business goals, but your life goals too, it will be a struggle. 

You can choose to carry on as you currently are, crossing your fingers and hoping you'll see results OR if you're serious about turning things around in your business, then stop trying to do it all alone and seek out help to make it happen!

YES - I am ready to let go of overwhelm, confusion and guilt and replace it with a kick-ass strategy, confidence & connection with other motivated Mum business owners!

We can't wait to support you as you transform your ideas into a thriving business.

By supporting you to build flexible business on your terms, we believe we are empowering you with the time you need to give back to your yourself, your family and your community and THAT is going to make the world a much better place.  

See you there! 

By Janine Ogg and Jo Foster. Copyright Get It Done Mum 2015