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WELCOME! We have one of our popular Lead Magnet Brainstorms coming up, would you like to join us? It's free. 

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A short, sharp session to get your email list growing! 

You've heard that a great lead magnet will build your email list and make sales easier, but it just ain't happening!

When you're juggling so much, it can be a struggle to get your lead magnet and other email list-building systems set up. You want to do it, but it feels too hard.

You know you need to grow your email list, but lack of TIME and uncertainty about which lead magnet idea to run with are holding you back.  

In this lead magnet brainstorm, we are going to tackle both of these issues head on! 

Scroll down to discover what's included in this 1 hour free session, and don't be shy about putting your hand up for one of the 5 hot-seat spots - you will make big leaps forward on your lead magnet if you do. 

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See you there!  

Janine and JoCo-Founders, Get It Done Mum Business School 

How our Lead Magnet Brainstorms roll...

Quick recap: what a lead magnet is and why they're so important  

Key tips to remember for making your LM irresistible

FIVE lucky peeps jump in the hotseat and receive 121 feedback on their lead magnet idea(including how to increase conversions and sign-ups)  

Open up for a general group brainstorm and Q&A feedback on your lead magnet ideas. 

Leave all fired up and with a clear focus on what to do next!

It will be worth 1 hour of your time!

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